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Wednesday On The Patio

Israel got my periwinkle raised garden from Gardener's Supply put together. I got some of that stuff you unroll to keep weeds from growing and he layered it around all sides and the bottom to keep the soil from seeping out.

As you can see, I've added some of the plants that were in pots. Mostly hostas.

This clematis is still growing like its on hormones. There are quite a few buds that will open into flowers soon. 

This rabbit sits in the pot with the blooms for Easter.

I want to be out on the patio getting things done. But my ankle is not being very accommodating. So I've had to slow myself down. 

It is nice to go outside and just sit and think about what I want to get accomplished out there this year. I wish the temps could stay this way all year long!

My internet and that of my neighbors up and down here has been out most of the day. That means my phone and TV is out as well. Don't care about the TV, but never know when you might need the phone.

What's going on in your lawns and gardens? Do you have snow or blooms?

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