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My Favorite Cooking Appliances

I know many of you probably thought I'd lost my mind when I first moved to this apartment two years ago this month, and asked management to come get my stove. 

Yeah, I know you did!

But you know what, management is now talking about maybe putting in washer/dryer hook-ups, and even if they do and I had room again for a stove, I don't want it. 

I know I made the right decision to get the European-styled washer/dryer-in-one that I hook up to my kitchen sink. It is very energy-efficient. And we're just talking about laundry for one, after all.  

But there wasn't room for the stove and the washer/dryer, so the stove had to go.

Two years down the road, if I had to name my favorite cooking appliances, here are my choices...

1. Breville Smart Oven
Price: $249.99

I adore this little power house. I researched the heck out of toaster/convection ovens. And this one got rave reviews.

Now it gets rave reviews from me. Two years and it's never let me down. 

I just now took brownies out of it. The back of the box said 45 minutes in a 8x8 glass pan. So I set my little old-fashioned timer, and came to sit down and read blogs while it cooked. 

Suddenly I smelled the brownies and not two seconds later, before I could even get in there, the oven let me know they were done and it shut off. 

I checked the time. It had quite a bit of time left. But the Breville Smart oven is smarter than me or the timer or the back of the brownie box. And when it's done, it just tells you and promptly turns off. 

Now this beats the heck out of when I had an oven and would get in my car and go half a mile, then turn around and come back home because I couldn't remember if I'd turned the stove off!

2. Magic Chef Microwave
Price: $74

I ordered it from Home Depot before I moved here, I guess about 3-4 years ago. And of course I wanted it. It's red! 

3. Presto Fold Away Electric Skillet
Price: $49

I just love this durable skillet. I eat a lot of veggie burgers, and this cooks them up in no time. 

Last week a fuse knocked out my microwave and Breville Smart oven. I moved the electric skillet to another outlet. But then I had my buns warming in the Breville. 

So I just put the buns on the electric skillet with my veggie burger and browned them there. Easy-peasy.

4. 4-quart Smart Pot Crock Pot
Price: $20

I put this on at night. And it goes off when it's done. I've been cooking quite a bit of pork loin, then making barbecue sandwiches. 

I set the automatic timer for 10 hours if I'm cooking it at night; 8 hours if it's day time for the pulled pork. And after that it switches to warm. 

(Israel loves my barbecue sandwiches so much that after he fixed a piece of furniture for me, I ordered him one. Then he wanted me to go to the grocery store with him to make sure he got the exact same meat I get. And so we did.)

Now when I ordered his, it had gone up a bit, and it was $24.95. He cooked his family pork loin doused with root beer like I do, then poured some barbecue sauce on it. And he said there wasn't a drop left!

I have a casserole-sized crock pot, but really haven't used it much. I also have an egg cooker a sweet reader named Charlotte sent me. And I ate eggs till I just about puked. (I can't seem to find a photo of it. But I think she got it on QVC.)

But it's my favorite way to make eggs because they come out perfect every single time. 

And it also automatically goes off when the eggs are done! Yea! No eggs on the ceiling.

I also have a panini maker, but I seldom get it out. I brought it with me from Texas. It makes a hell of a panini sandwich though!

5. Cuisinart Panini Maker
Price: $99

6. Crock Pot Casserole Smart Pot
Price: $49

So now you know that I don't eat TV dinners or take out all the time. I can cook anything I want and not heat up my apartment. Makes me a very happy camper.

Happy cooking!

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