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My New Outdoor Room

Well, I've been hankering for this ever since I left East Texas and my beautiful yard and pond there.  

But Israel and his teen-aged son helped make my dream come true.

I got it from It was offered in a lot of different colors. I considered red, but thought it might fade quickly. So I opted for green.

I'm not into staging. The rug is still wrinkled from me having to hose it down after the last two days rain, and I put it in the sun to dry.

I'm not going to put pretty pillows on the chairs, because the dogs can easily jump up there, and they'd just knock them to the ground.

This is real life here. And wrinkles and not having pretty pillows looking perky and cute is part of our life.

The gazebo will help keep sun off my patio doors where it gets so hot in the summer. We (me and the pupsters) can go out and sit when it's raining without getting wet. 

I can watch the flowers and the birds out of the hot sun.

An outdoor room has always been so important to me. And it's been a while coming. But I'm just pleased as punch. 

And I thank Israel and younger Israel (we call him Papo) for doing this for me!

Pamela of Flower Patch Farmhouse sent me some irises all the way from Northern California. She said one will smell like grape Kool-aid.

Thank you so much, Pamela! I surely do appreciate it!

There will soon be some sort of small water feature that Israel is helping me with. It involves galvanized tubs. 

Are you surprised?

I love galvanized containers.

It won't be my big pond and waterfall I had in Texas, but I will love it just the same. Maybe more.

So my patio is coming along. The plants are growing. I have my beloved gazebo. 

And life is good.

Israel is welcome to take a break on the patio whenever he wants. He's been ever so helpful to me in so many ways. 

I call him friend. A wonderful and very kind friend.

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