Spanish Mediterranean Homes Interior Design

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Spanish Mediterranean Homes Interior Design

A timeless Spanish /2015/12/mediterranean-architectural-style-indoor-and-outdoor-design.html">Mediterranean homes interior design. Found among the large estates of the Preston Hollow neighborhood in Dallas, the two-story, 5,000-square-foot residence representing the culmination of dreams home.

Spanish Mediterranean, asymmetric house that wasn’t pompous and in your face,” says Richard Davis, the home’s architect and president and owner of Richard Drummond Davis Architects. For that purpose, Davis appropriately scaled the home for its 99-foot by 150-foot lot by moving the second story toward the back of the home.

The Spanish Colonial style as interpreted by American architects in the 1920s. Davis says he looked at the Spanish Mediterranean bungalow-style homes in Hollywood for inspiration. “It’s warm weather architecture with a Spanish hacienda influence,” he says. To achieve the Spanish Colonial theme, the exterior walls are a stucco finish with limestone trim and a deep red barrel tile roof.

The arched front doorway is a traditional component of the Spanish style. Turquoise window frames add a splash of color that is carried throughout the interior design. Inside, steered clear of the popular open-concept floor plan, choosing instead one that allows each room to flow naturally into the next.

Large windows were used to bring in natural light and instill an airy atmosphere. Floor-to-ceiling windows extend from the breakfast space all the way around to the family room. Arched doorways guide visitors from one room to the next, both keeping the rooms open to one another and clearly defining separate living spaces.

Downstairs are the main living spaces, the master suite and the private home offices. Upstairs hosts two guest suites, keeping the bedrooms separated ensures privacy for host family and friends, gets inspired.

the home as having a Spanish Colonial style that is interpreted functionally for today’s lifestyle

Keeping the living spaces separate added plenty of wall space for the couple to display their extensive and ever-growing collection of paintings and sculptures.

Lighting was key to keeping the home feel airy and open. It was also an important element to showcasing art collection. The large, paned-glass windows bring in plenty of natural light and add character to the space.

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