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Sunday On The Patio

The plants in containers on the patio are coming up, slowly but surely. It will be interesting to see what all came back from last year.

I love how this sedum looks this year. My friend in CA sent it and it is looking even better than last year. Thanks again, Annette!

Such sweet perfume we get from alyssum. I guess we could call it Mother Nature's perfume!

The hostas are looking good. I enjoy all the different shades of green on their pretty leaves. 

I'm watching the sun every hour or so to see how much the new periwinkle raised garden is getting. 

May have to move some plants if certain areas don't get enough sun with the leaves coming out on the trees.

A clematis bloom opening up. It has more blooms so far than it did last year. But it's more established this year.

I always love to have ornamental grasses in the gardens for their added foliage and textures to off-set the flowers. 

What I have on my list to maybe look for soon: Kimberly fern, golden pennies, sweet potato vine, purslane as it gets hotter. Maybe some salvia and bee balm.

What do you have on your list of must haves for your gardens this year?

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