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Take a Peek Inside Perfect Party Dresses!

Perfect Party Dresses, Edited by Susan O'Connor
From birthday parties to weddings, a young lady's life is marked with many special occasions that call for the perfect dress. In the newly released book Perfect Party Dresses, renowned designers from around the world (including frequent Sew Beautiful contributor Gail Doane) have shared a glorious collection of smocked dress designs fit for life's biggest occasions. We recently had the chance to look through this book and had such fun oohing and aahing over the designs. Here are photos of a few of our favorite dresses from the book, along with design details for each:

Spun Sugar (left) and Ava
Spun Sugar: A garden of dainty, pastel daisies and tiny buds forms a pretty border on this shimmering blush pink and white silk gown designed by Annette Drysdale. Smocked from shoulder to waist with gently rippling waves, the elegant simplicity of this sweet little dress makes it ideal for any special occasion. White silk bias trims the piped sleeves and neckline, and the back closes with shell flower buttons and is finished with a sumptuous white sash.

Ava: A wide band of delicate lace encircles the lower skirt of this divine snow white hailspot voile dress designed by Gail Doane. Powder blue silk ribbon is threaded through the wide beading on the yoke and around the skirt, echoing the soft pastel shades used in the smocking and embroidery. Dainty angel sleeves are edged with scalloped lace and the dress closes at the back with blue flower buttons and a sash.

Flora: Unified by a vivid hot pink and red spot contrast fabric, cheerful, vibrant florals form a stunning background for the simple smocking design on these fresh, sleeveless dresses from Susan O'Connor. The front yokes, bound necklines and armholes are trimmed with spot piping, coordinating with the cute bow trim and generous sashes. The backs close with striped pink buttons and a growth tuck is stitched around the lower section of the skirts. The lacy petticoat ruffles peep out from under the skirts.

Special Occasion (left) and Rasberry Twirl
Special Occasion: Cool and sophisticated, the clean lines and refined details of this beautiful white silk dress designed by Gail Doane make it perfect for any special occasion. The elegant full circle skirt and gently puffed sleeves are lined with silk organza and finished with a pleated trim of lime check silk, echoing the shaped smocked belt. Bright gathered ribbon flowers decorate the belt and the neckline is trimmed with tiny beaded picots. The dress closes at the back with a hand-inserted zipper and a sash.

Rasberry Twirl: Sublime colors and innovative styling make this captivating dress from Connie Quarré Moses gorgeous to look at and fun to wear. The bodice is backsmocked with triple honeycomb stitch, creating a rich texture that contrasts beautifully with the smooth, full circle skirt. Bands at the upper bodice, waist and hem, are decorated with a mass of cast-on stitch roses. The dress buttons at the back and is finished with an embroidered sash.

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