A 1920's Brooklyn Loft

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A 1920's Brooklyn Loft

I've always romanticized living in a loft. I love open spaces and lots of natural light. 

This one is in Park Slope and is 650 square feet.

Because it's basically one big wide open space, just think of the possibilities!

Now this is the size of TV I like. I really don't understand why so many people choose to have those massive TVs that take up so much space. One big black hole.

Mine is even smaller than this one, and I have no trouble seeing anything on the screen.

It has a very small bedroom. It's a little lackluster, but I could easily fix that.

This is bigger than my bathroom. I would think you could just leave your window bare like this, because you're not on the first floor in this instance.

Would you like to live in a loft? Have you ever lived in one, and if so, how did you like it?

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