Design your own Walk in Closet in the right way

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Design your own Walk in Closet in the right way

Walk in closet is a room made for storing clothes and accessories that you usually use every day, such as; shoes, ties, belts, jewelry, etc. Walk in closet can also be a place where items commonly stored in the wardrobe such as bed sheets, blankets, or towels. A walk in closet is usually located close to the bedroom, walk in closet also give solution to storage for house owner, like the other furniture design, design walk-in closet also must consider the aspect of beauty and function. In the walk-in closet you will also be able to dress and make up.

If your house size wide enough or there are more areas that can be used, you can custom walk-in closet design, and here are some important things you can consider before you design and build walk-in closet

Walk-in Closet size

Areas which will be a walk in closet place, should be a primary consideration. Determination of the room and where the room will be used. For spacious room can be adjusted with the remaining empty space in your home. The room should be large enough to store clothes and other items (ties, shoes, suits, coats, jewelry, etc.). If the size of your house is not too wide, you may be more appropriate to use a closet or wardrobe planting a more efficient place.

The layout of the rooms are usually placed for walk-in closet is near the bedroom or close to the bathroom. Or can also be placed in the hallway, located between your room and children's room, so the room can be used together.

The type of goods to be stored.

Make a list of what items you will stored in the walk in closet. With a list that has been made, will facilitate the design of furniture to be made. For example, if you want to keep the shoes in this room meant it took a special cupboard for shoes. Or if you want to store socks, gloves or your accessories, means need to be made additional drawers in the closet, the more items to be stored and will be the more storage is needed.

Furniture Layout.

Based on the list of goods to be stored, you can determine how many cabinets and size to accommodate the items you want to keep. Then, determine also whether other support necessary furniture, such as chairs, sofas, dressers, hangers or other complement were deemed necessary.

After that you can determine where the location of each furniture. Placement of furniture should be in the proper position so that you easily move in this room also do not forget to pay attention to elements of the overall space harmony.

Furniture design.

As the main storage medium walk-in closet, cabinets design is important things that must be considered. You can specify cabinets design for example by determining whether cabinets will be closed or open, cabinet door model wants to be made of glass, whether it is necessary to use the sliding doors, and more. The use of sliding doors is the solution to saving space..

Adding Details

A walk-in closet room should be elegant and gives a sense of comfort and fun while you were in it, for that you need to add some items inside the room. You can coat the floor with thick carpet, and adding seats to try on clothes or shoes like in a boutique. Add a mirror on one wall area or on the closet door or even simple /best-surround-sound-systems-speakers-design-for-modern-living-room/"> sound system to listen your fav song while you dressing in front of mirror. The use of mirrors can make the room look more spacious, and will allow you to see the appearance after dressing and check cool ideas below.

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