Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design and Layout

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Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design and Layout

The kitchen can be said as heart of a home. In addition to being a place the cooking, the kitchen is also a dining area and where family members gathered. Long time ago kitchen put in hidden placed at the house.

Now in modern times in accordance with the development of today’s lifestyle, the kitchen was in the middle of the house and often laid out together with dining room or living room. In principle, the main activity in the kitchen still consists of four stage which is clean, mix, serve and store both for material and equipment.

But in terms of design, all elements in the kitchen has form one interrelated system starting from the layout, cabinet modules, combinations of colors, patterns, textures of materials to lighting.

This reflects a paradigm shift, especially the young urban community on the function of the kitchen. Now the cooking can be done more practical, efficient and clean. This phenomenon is supported by technological innovation and design for the material, finishing and accessories / new fittings in order to facilitate the cooking for the kitchen user.

Especially for the kitchen cabinets, we have to know the main parts of a /5-kitchen-flooring-fresh-ideas-for-convenience-cooking-activities/"> cabinet that is the basic framework, drawers and / or shelves, doors and accessories / fittings. Cabinet bottom (base cabinet) is used to store large equipment such as pots, while drawers and shelves inside to store small equipment such as cutlery or dry food. Referring to the latest kitchen trends, there are several things to note are as follows:

1. The organization of the kitchen cabinets should be made in a modular system for more efficient use of space, neat and integrated with tools appliances such as microwave, oven, refrigerator, stove and vacuum smoke / cooker hood.

2. Every shelf and drawer boxes are designed and fitted with a tandem rails to be easily reached by hand to full rear extension. The inside of the drawers are also given a baffle to separate eating utensils with equipment for cooking.

3. There are cabinet doors swing models and there is also a model flap up. There are cutting-edge cabinet design has been complemented by the sophisticated tools that allow the door can be opened and closed with just finger touch.

4. Today the kitchen cabinets base unit can be designed to float with no legs impression of “floating” and airy.

5. Basic materials and finishing cabinet consists from several options but the most popular is the High Pressure Laminates (HPL). There is also the use from an aluminum frame and doors from colored glass.

6. Finishing the cabinet has a different combination of colors, patterns and textures that have adapted to the style of interior or other room elements, check it out

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