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The Proper Way To Hang A Quilt

Yes, I have hung yet another quilt on the wall. I find that it makes me happy to look at quilts every day.

A teaser...can you get a glimpse of it?

The quilt you can see reflected in the mirror was one of my first quilts, hand-stitched and hand-quilted back in the early nineties. 

I had not yet had the car accident that resulted in so many problems and surgeries with my right thumb. So I easily hand-sewed a "sleeve" on the back of this quilt

Of course you can't see it. You simply get some material (I always used good muslin.) I then cut a piece of muslin where the finished piece would equal the width of the quilt, by about 4-6 inches. 

I ironed the hems in. Then I hand-stitched those hems all the way around. (I didn't have a sewing machine at the time.)

Once you've done that, you might iron it again just to get it laid it out good and straight. 

Then I sewed it to the top back of the top of the quilt with a hidden stitch. 

Of course you leave each end open so that you can put a drapery rod in it, or oftentimes I used a fairly thickround dowel I had cut at the hardware store, as you don't want this to sag in the middle due to the weight of the quilt. 

I also would put a nail in the wall a couple of places between the ones at the ends for added support. Then you just slide your muslin sleeve over your rod or dowel. And place it on the wall.

I like to hang a quilt on a wall that has furniture (in this case white) that is the same color. It's a bit monotonous when they're the same color. So this provides a colorful backdrop for that white piece of furniture. 

Just like I did in the living room with the Wayfair dresser.

So, at least in my book, that is the way to properly hang a quilt. There are other ways. But this was the way I always chose. 

The addition of this quilt means I have three quilts on the walls of my bedroom. (Extra insulation!)

Obviously I love my quilts, and don't want to hide them all away. But I didn't make every quilt in my apartment. 

Many of you recall that I purchased the gold/yellow and white one from Primitive Star Quilt Shop, where I have purchased other things, such as all my curtains. 

They have great workmanship, so I am getting a good quality item for my money.

No, they can't get any more of these gold/yellow and white quilts. Many of you have asked. I just love it!

Now to the door problem I had...

Many of the residents of these patio four-plexes buy a storm door for their apartment. I did before I moved in. And I hired the same guy to install it for me that came out yesterday.

People who live here tend to stay awhile. There are residents who have lived here more than 20 years. You don't often see that in rental apartments. I have seen some plant trees in their little front yards!

However, as you see from the above photo, bugs could come in underneath, so I didn't feel comfortable having the door open. 

Here is what my living room is like with the big door shut...

It is overcast today, so it is dark anyway.

With it open, I don't feel as though I'm underground or in a dungeon. 

Later in the day there will be more light. I enjoy this sunlight coming in my door, and my plants like it as well. 

Here is what the The Doorman (that's what his business is called) had to do to fix this dilemma of bugs coming in and heat/air going out.

It was quite labor-intensive. It took him six hours. He had all his equipment, like saws, set up outside. It was laborious to drill into the concrete. 

I watched him and I am quite pleased with what he did.

Israel happened to be on call, and he found some weather stripping and brought it to the guy, and he put that up as well. 

He caulked all around the doors. You cannot see a bit of light coming in anywhere. 

Whereas before, I could see the outside pretty well because it was not sealed properly. There were holes everywhere. It is all sealed now.

From this...

To this...

No, the complex would not pay to have this done. Having a storm door is not part of your rental agreement. 

Many of you question my paying this money when I just rent here.

Here is how I look at things: Embrace your space. 

In fact I plan to do a whole series on this concept. 

No matter where you live, you need to love that space, because that is part of taking care of you. 

If you "own" your home, you feel more confident about spending money on that home. 

But when it boils down to it, unless you have that deed in your hand, meaning you have paid for that house in full, you really don't own it yet. Because anything could happen. 

You could lose your job, or your husband could lose his job, and maybe you couldn't keep up with the mortgage. In that case, you lose that home. 

Just like with your car. If you are making payments, you don't yet own that car. (Thankfully my 10 year old car is paid for, has just over 40,000 miles on it, and I plan to drive it till I drop.) 

But see what I mean? 

When I was young, I used to be of the mindset: "When we get the next house, I'm going to do this or that. I'm going to have a prettier house." 

But time passes, the moments and hours of your life, and you need to love where you are. 

So I suggest that you do what you can to make that space the best you can make it. 

It is a decision you have to make, on whether it is worth it to you. 

Fixing the door was worth it to me.

This is where I live. Now. Maybe not for long. Maybe forever. 

I love this little apartment, and I am going to show it that love by whatever improvements I can make on this 1960's apartment.

Every day of your life that passes is a day you can't get back. 

So live in the moment. I promise that you will be much happier.

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