Various types of Modern Rooftop House Patio Design

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And this article : Various types of Modern Rooftop House Patio Design
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Various types of Modern Rooftop House Patio Design

Patio designed is not only for the back yard, but also can be placed in the front yard next to the house, even a house roof. In fact, today so many dwelling that have a backyard that is not large enough to build the patio, because the land is getting more limited.

By building on the rooftop patio, you can maximize the function of the roof and gives the impression of an ideal so that you can enjoy the /cozy-home-sunroom-design-and-decorating-ideas-for-beautiful-summer/">outdoors without too much sun or watching the rain storm without getting wet, rooftop patio is also possible to provide more privacy to the occupants. Roof design which can include both of these things may be a little tricky.

Here we try to give information about the various models of modern patio that may be useful for you in making the patio for house roof.

Wooden rooftop patio design

Rooftop patio with wood, allow sufficient sunlight, because the model is not completely closed. Rooftop Patio is constructed of solid wood and has a space in between the wood so as to allow sunlight into the porch. Wooden Rooftop patio will reduce the intensity of sunlight from outside nearly 50 percent.

Polycarbonate Rooftop Patio Design

Rooftop Patio design that uses polycarbonate material will seem as glass roof. Polycarbonate is also available in a variety of colors and have various gradations to block the sun as you want. This type of roof will protect patio from the rain but still allows sunlight to enter into the patio.

Aluminium Rooftop Patio

Aluminium is very sturdy and provide natural color on your patio. The roof of the aluminum material has a corrugated panels that overlap to form a waterproof seal and is available in several colors with colored trim alloy that can be combined with your house color.

Plastic Rooftop Patio

Plastic materials are the most expensive type for patio, because of transparent properties sunlight directly to the patio area, corrugated panels are green and often used also for greenhouse. The roof allows filtering of light and provides good protection from ultraviolet rays, but the heat from sun will make plants dry and rot.

Custom Rooftop Patio

Custom materials designed to combine roof of the house with terrace, whether it’s style roof shingles or other types. This type will appear as part of the house, and not a separate structure. You can combine the wood or floor color same with the house. This type is the strongest because it is built with solid construction same as with the roof house and get inspired below,

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