Five Essential Tools Every Home Needs

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Five Essential Tools Every Home Needs

Having the right DIY tools in your home will help you save cash in the long run. You’ll be able to deal with any little maintenance work that needs carrying out around the home very easily. There’ll be no need to call out any handymen for anything other than large jobs. To ensure this is the case, you need a collection of essential tools. So which ones do you need in your shed? The following ones can make all the difference.


How will you mount those new canvases to your wall without a hammer? You will need a hammer to put any nails in your walls and if you want to construct something using nails. This handy tool is also perfect for breaking objects apart. There are many types available, all of which come in different sizes, but are all hand tools. Buy a box of nails when you’re purchasing your hammer, so can start hammering away as soon as you get home!

Safety Glasses

These are very important. Especially if you are working with a hammer! No matter what sort of DIY you are doing, always remember to wear a pair of reliable safety glasses. These will protect your eyes if any debris or dust flies back into your face. Forget to wear your glasses, and you could seriously damage your eyesight. If you wear prescription glasses, don’t keep these on while you’re working. They can be much more dangerous than proper safety glasses. If debris hits the glass lenses, they could shatter.


Spanners are great for all different kinds of work. The could even help you remove piping if you need to fix a blockage. However, if you attempt this you need to know exactly what you are doing, so it is best to check some simple plumbing guidelines before you start. Like hammers, there are also different varieties of spanners. A ‘C’ Spanner will tighten nuts and bolts. Tap Spanners tighten bath and basin bolts.

A Jigsaw

If you are thinking about creating a new table for your dining room or a /2014/11/alternative-design-ideas-for-your.html">homemade nightstand to go in your bedroom, you will need a jigsaw. These mechanical saw-like tools cut material with blades that pulsate up and down. It’s design makes it perfect for cutting curves and around things. What can you cut with a jigsaw? What can’t it cut! Everything from wood and plastic to even metals can be sliced through with ease.

A Drill

If you want to screw anything in place, you first need to create a hole for a screw to go in. For this, you will need a drill. When you are looking for one to buy, go for a cordless option. They have the power and speed of corded ones but benefit from being portable. Don’t forget to buy a complete set of drill bits. These ends can be screwed on to your drill to adapt it for various jobs.

Now that you have all the essential tools, you may catch the DIY bug!

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