French Style Interior Design and Decorating Ideas

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French Style Interior Design and Decorating Ideas

Characteristics of /french-style-interior-design-decorating-ideas/">French style interior design and how to bring the feel of France in the house through the elements associated with French. France always brings a different charm of beauty. France identical with an /">artistic, aesthetic, classic, and romantic impression. French architecture and interior design strong with elements of art so that different from other European countries

The elements of interior design tends to emphasize on luxury of the past. Impression of luxury is caused mostly European-style luxury in the middle ages. Decoration is the most important thing, but it is by no means rule out the comfort of a home, decorating a room with a personal theme that reflects the personality of its owner but still give priority to comfort.

In other words, a French interior design that is applied in a room should be able to give a personal as well as informal, where it will be able to provide comfort to anyone who was in it.


French interior design tends to use intricate patterns and complex with a high artistic value. In addition, the French interior design often explores pastel colors such as orange, milk chocolate, pink and other /refresh-minimalist-bathroom-without-remodeling-by-using-soft-pastel-color-scheme/">pastel colors.

In applying the French interior design, then you should choose colors that tend to be soft or gray rather than bright colors. Also, avoid colors that tend to natural colors, such as yellow and green as French interior design rarely insert natural elements into a room. You can also choose colors that look ancient vintage, but has a strong artistic impression. Presenting contrasting colors like black and white in a room is also a typical French design.

Selection of the color elements in the room should be combined and match with other items made ​​of fabric, such as curtains, tablecloths, pillowcases, and even carpet. Mostly, objects made ​​from these fabrics have special patterns, such as flowers, leaves, and stripes.

Fabric must also be of good quality, looks luxurious, but not something that looks much less rigid synthetic. Silk or velvet could be an option, but for more natural and traditional impression, use linen or cotton cloth.

In applying the /create-a-classic-french-rustic-country-style-kitchen-design-in-the-right-way/">French style, you are free to choose a variety of pastel colors for the room, it’s just that, you should present it in a furniture ornament or other decoration. Let the paint to the wall in white color as background decoration and ornaments in the room. In addition, add the sofa cushions, rugs, or other ornaments such as dark blue or maroon and with the bustling motif.


In applying the French interior design at home, then you should totally in decorating and choosing all the things that you would place it in the room. French interior design is so much emphasis on the use of original furniture rather than luxury items but artificial. You better buy antique furniture at used goods stores instead of buying new furniture which is a clone and easy fragile material.

Look for /rustic-furniture-create-a-cozy-natural-atmosphere-in-modern-dwelling/">furniture made ​​of wood, although it looks a lot of scratches and defects everywhere, it is actually better than you buy plastic furniture or other synthetic materials.

The more dark and old wood looks, it’s much better. Alternatively, you can also choose furniture with metallic materials. Wrought iron is the best options for furniture are often chosen to complement the overall design, check ideas below..

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