Manners? Etiquette? Wherefore Art Thou?

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Manners? Etiquette? Wherefore Art Thou?

This is shorts and T-shirt weather. The trees are budding out. The birds are active and singing away. 

This has been such strange weather.

Is winter over? Who knows. But it has rained for three days and everything on my patio is growing like crazy.

Which is why I haven't been able to take my kitchen drawer knobs outside to spray paint them. I have to wait until it's under 85% humidity. Hoping that will happen tomorrow.

Oh, I've been busy in that kitchen. I thought I was done after the weekend. Painting the cabinets another coat of white. Well, more like three more coats.

But alas, I sat here staring at the pretty counter tops via GianiGranite, the pretty painted surfaces, and it didn't say "done" to me.

It said "generic." 

And I'm not a "generic" kind of gal. I like to go outside the generic box, and create something that says "me."

I think I'm about to get there. You may look at it and think I have rocks for brains. But it's me that has to look at it every day.

After walking through stores just looking at anything and everything, I had to wait until something finally caught my attention and grabbed me by the T-shirt, and screamed: "Look at me! I have potential!"

And that's just what happened. I finally felt a bit excited about this project. Because I was thinking outside of the box. And when I finally stumble upon something that I wouldn't normally even think of doing, I know I'm onto something. 

So hopefully Friday I can show you. Depending on this weather.

I was out getting groceries, running a few errands. In the grocery store, I could not find my "fishless fish." You know how compulsive I am. If I get onto something I like to eat, I will eat it until I can't even look at it anymore.

So I'm in Reasors, our grocery chain here, and my ankle is hurting in the boot. And I need to get off my feet (too much being on a step ladder painting the kitchen I suppose), and I'm well... Yes, I'm cranky. 

So I go to the front and some kid comes looking for it for me. Now I don't know about you, this might have been something you'd just not pay attention to. But he picked at his acne the whole time he was looking for my fishless fish. Which turns out they do not carry. 

So I knew I was going to have to take my frozen and refrigerated food to another store to find it, which made me even crankier.

Do kids not have etiquette anymore? Manners? Common sense? Do they even know what "etiquette" is? 

Holy smokes, no telling how they'd beat that word down in a text message. Etiquette...

Was he raised in a barn? was what I wanted to ask him. Because yeah, I was getting cranky and his doing that just kind of drove me on over the edge of whatever amount of patience I normally possess.

So when I'm checking out, I say to the man who's checking me out: "Hey, you might want to tell that kid over there that it's not good form to pick at his face while he's trying to help a customer find food."

He looks at me. "Yeah," he said. "I imagine so."

Silence. I seem to be programmed to fill empty silences.

"I mean, I know he's a kid, but..."

Then the guy starts telling me how they're not teaching them the right stuff in school anymore. He asked me if I had any idea what math they were teaching them now. 

I said: "No, I don't. But the brutalization of the English language makes me mad enough."

What I was thinking was: This is not the teachers' responsibility to teach this kid etiquette or manners. In my book, it should start at a very early age right at home

I mean...really? Let them be little stinkers until they reach school age and then try to reach them? Isn't that a little late? Like after the barn door is shut late?

I know I sound like the same adults that I rolled my eyes at when I was young. 

"What is this world coming to?" And..."In my day..."

I'm sure most of you remember hearing all that.

And then I grow up and get cranky and say the same darned things. 

It. Is. Not. The. Responsibility. Of. Our. Vastly. Underpaid. And. Overworked. Teachers. To. Teach. Our. Kids. Manners.

Raise your hand if you think it is the responsibility of our teachers. 

Comment below like hell fire is chasing you if you don't. 

I'm ready for a little dialogue on this matter. So bring it on.

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