My Kitchen Redo Is Complete

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My Kitchen Redo Is Complete

I got the knobs painted and things dried faster than I thought they would. So here is my kitchen...

What do you know? I went through my closets and found one more roll of black and white checkered shelf liner! You didn't forget that, did you?

Below was my first kitchen, before the boho tile decals, and you see the self liner here.

But it didn't hold up well where it was placed. The liner on the wall kept oozing down. So I had to scrap that and come up with something else.

Which led me to this...

This was the second kitchen redo. I know the photo looks lopsided because I suppose nothing in this apartment is level. I can't hardly ever get a photo that is straight.

Then, going a ways back to the little blue house...

I decoupaged the kitchen cabinets. Which led two magazines to my door to feature the kitchen. More black and white checks!

I must be channeling Mary Englebreit.

So back to my current kitchen, the third redo in less than two years. I moved in here April 14, 2014. Next month will make it two years.

And three kitchen redos!

This is the GianiGranite countertops. I got a free product kit of my choice from GianiGranite. And I chose Sicilian Sand. After the application, you apply the topcoat. I think it's what they use on automobiles, so I imagine it will hold up.

I know: you're thinking, she has new to her counter tops, the boho tiles are gone and the back splash is painted Almondine. Israel put a very pretty trim up separating the counter tops from the wall. She painted the cabinets again. And...

So what's with the spoons and checks and everything?

You could say I can't leave well enough alone. Or you can realize that I must have color. 

So what did I do after a day of looking at my pretty new but fairly generic look?

I started walking through stores. Just strolling along, pushing a cart, gazing at anything and everything. 

I'd been in Michaels and Target. I'd gone through Marshalls. All these stores are in the same shopping center. 

And as I was walking down an aisle in Bed Bath & Beyond, I passed these place mats. I went on by, then found myself backing up. 

I really liked the colors and the bamboo texture. And in it were the colors already in the kitchen. These were $1.99, and they had what I call "sizzle."

I went on and walked all through the store, but my mind was on those place mats. I mean, if it didn't work out, they were $1.99, and I'd have new place mats.

So I went back around and put some in my cart. Then I strolled through the kitchen section and saw these wooden spoons, etc. They were in a net bag, and I bought four bags, at $5.99 a bag. 

I still wasn't quite sure what was going to happen. But you can always use wooden spoons.
And so that's how the kitchen ended up like this. I wanted to put trim around the place mats, but it really wasn't in the budget this month. 

So I dug and dug and came up with this last roll of checkered shelf liner. I can always take it off and have Israel put trim up later.

The chicken and her chicks decal you used to see above are gone. I tried my best to paint around them. Can you imagine me trying to paint around every little foot and beak? Yeah well, that didn't work out. So I stripped it off, little piece by little piece. 

Sort of miss the chickens. But I also like the place mats.

I've been painting like a fool. I painted the brown knobs I purchased for another kitchen reno black. And every time I paint knobs, I like to remind people that this is the easiest way to paint knobs.

You punch a hole in a cardboard box with something like a Philips screwdriver, which is what I used. You bring your screw from underneath and screw it right into the knobs above. And all your knobs are upright and easy to spray paint.

Here is the valance given to me by Primitive Star Quilt Shop, which is where I get all of my window treatments. They're good quality, and I love that they're all lined. 

So the layered linen look is gone. And so are the colored bottles. They're out on the patio. 

I found this row of clear bottles in this little chicken wire container at the antique mall last week for about $20. I thought it fit the look better.

I called Jacki at the quilt shop in New Yorkna and we discussed what valance would work best. This one I'd sort of already picked out, and she chose it too. It has black, red and tan in it. Thanks Jacki!

I love the counter tops. I was a nervous wreck doing it, fearing I would screw it up somehow. But I really shouldn't have been so scared. It turned out fine, I think. I believe I have a bit more white than the Sicilian Sand demo they show you. But I like it.

First you roll on black primer. All of this is in the kit, including brushes and rollers. Then you have three colors to sponge on with sea sponges they send you. First there was a medium brown, then more of a gold, and finally the white.

You keep going while it's wet, sponging on each color. I don't know who thought this up, but it was a fantastic idea. Instant "granite" counter tops!

My concern was that having "granite" counter tops and paint and trim on one side of the kitchen, and then having the cart above across from it, wouldn't look quite right. 

One side would be more of an elegant style. And the other would be more of a farmhouse look. Somehow I had to bring these two styles together without having them look so disparate.

Thus, the place mats and spoons idea! 

The place mats are simply nailed on the cabinet doors with short nails, as were the wooden spoons. 

The EAT sign is now a soft gold instead of turquoise.

And perhaps one of my favorite finds was this Melamine red and white polka dotted plate I found at Target for $1.99. Perfect to house my dish cleaning stuff.

So there you have it. It may not be anyone else's cup of tea. But I'm a steadfast coffee drinker. And I like things to be a little different.

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