Outdoor Bathroom Design, Natural Open Air Bathroom Plans

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Outdoor Bathroom Design, Natural Open Air Bathroom Plans

Did you know that bathroom design is not merely in the form of a rectangular room containing a bathtub and closet? There are plenty of bathroom design that can be your choice this time, even a bathroom design that approached aka rural village atmosphere. Changing the design of the bathroom accompany change in lifestyle and needs. For those of you who live in dense urban areas, it’s not too much if you need a comfortable place just to isolate themselves and relax for a while.

Of course, the first designed it in accordance with the concept of what you want. If the bathroom is the most appropriate place for you to relax and unwind, then you should think of it as the most convenient place in your home. Imagine if you’re relaxing by listening to the sound of gurgling water and the fresh breeze that seeps into your bathroom. You can conceptualize your dream bathroom by utilizing the warm tropical atmosphere with the arrangement of natural materials such as wood or http://aboutthemaximalists.blogspot.com /beautiful-natural-stone-bathroom-design-ideas-youre-gonna-love-it/">natural stone.

You can create a open air outdoor bathroom or semi-open-plan tropical garden in it. Fresh and comfortable atmosphere can support your relaxation activities. The advantage of the open air bathroom is the atmosphere caused when a shower is a shower felt in nature, and certainly feels more fresh. Open air bathroom concept allows air circulation is very free flowing into the bathroom. Freshness when we shower will deliver us from the stress caused by everyday routine. It also can provide a balance to the body and mind.

http://aboutthemaximalists.blogspot.com /outdoor-bathroom-design-natural-open-air-bathroom-plans/">Outdoor bathroom concept, natural atmosphere were really feels, if during the direct sunlight into the bathroom area, if a moonlight night and the night air make the bathroom feel cold and far from being cramped. Outside and inside the building like one without a barrier, because the bathroom with the concept of open air bathroom most made ​​without a roof. Some private residence or villa using the concept of open air bathroom to enhance the exotic buildings and comfortable impression of nature.

Here are some things that can be considered in planning a bathroom with an open concept :

1. Structuring space and bathroom space filler is simple and does not seem stiff like a conventional shower.

2. Neatness arrangement accessories must be maintained, provide small toiletres for toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and so on.

3. The combination of colors using only two or three colors, this color combination will bring a neutral impression, even elegant monochromatic. Consider the composition of the natural color or natural motifs such as wood brown, leaf green, yellowish-white like sand.

4. In addition to note also the texture color combinations arising from the use of materials for floors, walls, ceilings and sanitary along with other accessories.

5. Use of material can be chosen materials rather rough texture like natural stone materials (sandstone, stone temples, etc.), wood, http://aboutthemaximalists.blogspot.com /home-bamboo-flooring-benefits-eco-friendly-material-flooring-solutions/">bamboo, brick exposure, pottery, etc.. Impression of calm presented with natural colors / natural and uncomplicated shapes.

6. Use sanitair element as one of the attractions. Strive to support the other elements so that the composition becomes interesting. Usually a bathtub and shower wall planted bathrooms (wall mounted shower) is used as one of the attractions, giving the decorations on the walls, the lighting spot light, or other trinkets such as gravel, Peebles, footrest from mortar, bowl of water, scoop of coconut shells, pottery and pots filled with plants from crops such as taro, etc..

7. Both artificial and natural lighting is one important thing in planning bathroom conventional and open air bathroom. If possible bathroom must have the light of the sun throughout the day and after dark must meet the functional requirements of artificial lighting. If the concept of open sky bathroom, use of glass as a safety while still getting the moonlight at night add artificial lighting of the lamp at an angle or point to anticipate the intensity of the light of nature is lacking.

Disadvantages outdoor bathroom concept is security, is the most important things . The concept of open air bathroom is the bathroom without roof at all, so feared anyone else who tries to get into the house without the permission of the homeowner. This should be reconsidered. Is pure without roof? Or use a translucent roof that impression remains open but security is also considered (open sky bathroom), use a trellis on top of the bathroom as a safety net, or put outside the shower area from the main house so that the privacy and security of residents is maintained.

Cleanliness issues should also be considered, because it is open then the various organisms might be able to get into the shower area, for example: ants, various other insects, mosquitoes, rats, etc.. The consequences of the bathroom with an open air bathroom concept is that you have to clean the bathroom and the water reservoir more frequently than closed bathroom check the ideas below.

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