5 Ways To Add Color To Your Living Room

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5 Ways To Add Color To Your Living Room

If your living room is starting to look a bit dull, it’s time to inject some color. There are all sorts of ways to do this, and it doesn’t necessarily have to require a lot of time or effort. Sometimes, all it takes is a few small purchases or a simple re-jig of your current layout. You’d be surprised how much can be achieved by simply rearranging your existing furniture! There are lots of ways to go about this task, so here’s a few to think about.

Look To The Walls

Your first task is to survey your walls. How do they look? If they’re dull and uninspiring, it might be time to add a touch of paint. Whether you completely redesign the entire paint scheme or simply cover one side is up to you. Alternatively, you might need to invest in some new wallpaper to add a patterned look to your walls. How you proceed http://aboutthemaximalists.blogspot.com /2012/10/28-red-and-white-living-rooms.html">is your choice; it’s time to get creative.

Incorporate New Furniture

We’re often tempted to settle for boring, dull furniture because it’s the cheapest option. Unfortunately, it also leads to a lifeless living room which lacks elegance and coziness. Good interior design requires a blend of interesting and colorful furniture. Consider buying some pillows, carpets, and whatever else you feel will improve the situation. Don’t go for the simple option; get something which screams personality.

Change Your Lighting

The color of your room isn’t able to express itself if the lighting is inadequate. To remedy this, you need to ensure you’ve got a lighting system in place to do the job. If you’ve got a selection of smaller lights in the corners of the room, you could alter these as well. You might even want to change the style of lighting to offer a warmer color scheme instead of a traditional one.

Add A Touch Of Nature

Adding one or two plants and flowers to your living room can help to add some natural greens to your living environment. They naturally add a sense of personality and warmth to your living room. Remember that you’re going to need to look after them to prevent them from dying, though! If you’d prefer, you could always pick up artificial flowers to do the same job.

Express Your Artistic Talents!

If your walls are looking particularly bare, it’s time to showcase your artistic talents! While hanging posters and pictures on the wall is a good alternative, there’s nothing quite like adding your own creations. If you’ve got an artistic side, this is a great way to showcase your work and add plenty of color to the room. It’s much more interesting than hanging up that picture of Justin Bieber, anyway!

Whether it’s a case of getting out the paint or simply hanging another picture on the wall, adding color is easy. In no time, you should find that your living room is sparkling with color. Be careful not to add too much, or you’ll be back to square one all over again!

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