Catching Up In The Garden

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Catching Up In The Garden

Still great weather here. Hope it holds up, because I've already planted my zinnias. And I'm getting ready to plant moon flowers and morning glories next week.

I don't have much blooming right now. I go out on the patio and do spring clean up till the pain gets bad and then I go back inside and put my leg up. 

I want to get out there and get things done! Come on ankle, get over it!

I think some homeless people have been hanging out some outside the gate you see above. There is an alley back there and then the back of a shopping center. I feel so bad that they have nowhere to go.

The raised periwinkle garden is starting to look more filled up every day. I want to get some flowering plants in there. 

The zinnias are just starting to come up, but it will be some time before they bloom. I need color!

In a month, maybe, it will get too hot for these little guys. They like the cooler weather.

This clematis sure grew fast! I'd like to have another passion vine like I had at the little house one of these days. I brought some over when I moved here, but it didn't make it.

Is it spring-like where you live? Are you planting in your gardens yet? This is such a wonderful time of year. Full of promise.

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