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Never Say Never

I've decided that I need to stop using the word "never." Because it sometimes comes back and bites me in the butt. 

"I will never do this or that..."

Yeah, came back and bit me in the butt. 

I said I didn't want to read books on an electronic device. I meant it at the time. 

But then I got a great deal on a new Paperwhite Kindle, and I was in love. 

If you recall, I tried starting a library here at the apartment complex. I had Israel tote hundreds of books I'd been gathering over the years to the laundromat. 

In a day they were all gone, never to be returned. 

Okay, so that didn't work out. 

I talked to some other bloggers who simply love their Kindles. I was edging closer and closer to a real game changer. 

Then I got this super deal on, and went for it. 

And I love it!

One added benefit is that I can read in the dark. I love it when I know I'm saving on electricity. I don't even have to wear my glasses. Love that!

I thought the screen wouldn't be big enough. I was wrong. 

I can get a book in seconds and be able to read it.

So now I'm sold. Eating my own words.

Every night after supper and chores I can't wait to get back to the bedroom, dogs snoozing beside me, and read. I have a plethora of books to choose from. 

I find that I'm reading more books this way. 

I can "check" out books from the library. 

Linda from A La Carte introduced me to BookBub, and you get many books free or for under $2. 


If I ever say never again, remind me of the time (okay, the many times) that I said I didn't want to read a book electronically. That I only wanted the real thing in my hand.

Well of course nothing could ever replace the feeling of a book in your hand and turning pages. 

But opening a book with a swipe to the page you last read is quite nice. 

Having a whole library of books you've downloaded, all ready and waiting to be read whenever you want, is just handy dandy.

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