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There's A Mouse In The House

Last week I found mouse droppings in my kitchen drawers. Everything came out and I will never use the drawers again. Israel laughs at me. He cleaned them and fixed a hole. He tells me it's fine to use the drawers.
Doesn't matter. I don't care.

Today I am sitting where I always sit and work on my computer and out of the corner of my left eye, I see something. I tell myself maybe the other eye is getting floaters. 

But then a little bit later I'm in the bathroom and I definitely see a mouse come out from underneath the door that goes to my hot water heater, which is just across from the bathroom, and run to the kitchen. 

You can bet I scooped up these pupsters so fast and grabbed the phone. I called Israel and got voice mail. So I called again because I was not putting my babies down when a 5-6 inch intruder was invading my home.

Israel was here in under 30 minutes. I took the dogs out on the patio, where I may live if he doesn't figure out this dilemma pretty quick. And I won't have chemicals of any variety in my apartment. 

Charlie is shaking like a leaf because I suppose he saw it as well. 

I'm not afraid of a lot of things. I can pick up a spider or bug and put it back outdoors. I don't mind lizards. But I can't abide two things: snakes and mice. 

I have moved everything from my kitchen drawers to other places around the apartment. I WILL NOT use those drawers again. 

On principle. Knowing those damned mice had me fooled (probably laughing at me) while I was freely reaching my hands in those drawers getting dish towels and Saran Wrap and thinking nothing was amiss. 

Then one day I see their little calling cards. And I throw down whatever I reached in there for, dumped everything out of the drawers. And sent a quick SOS to Israel. 

I was beside myself. I was shrieking. I was terrified my babies would try to bite a mouse and it would have some deadly disease. 

I had nightmares that night. And the next night. And the next. And now I actually see one of the little buggers today. 

Every few seconds my eye moves from this computer screen and checks out the door from under which that most unwanted of visitors came running out earlier and went straight into my kitchen. 

Israel has moved out the refrigerator. Put whatever those things are everywhere. (I'm not looking, I tell you.)

But I'm terrified I will go to bed and get up to go to the bathroom tonight. And bleary eyed and without my glasses, I will come face to face with one. 

It is all out war. And will be until every little inch of space, every tiny nook and cranny is covered up, nailed down and free of little passages for the rodents.

We're under siege here, people.

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